A Travelling Songwriters Round

Into The Weeds is a podcast of songwriters and musicians. It travels in search of great writers and artists, known and unknown. It is a quest to open up new avenues of thought and connection through music. People who have never met: we sing together, and play together, and use our talents to create fleeting moments of insight together. These moments are common in the life of music, but are so easy to overlook or to not anticipate. They are not a professional performance, yet when they occur, they create a deep sense of purpose. The experience of these moments defined my young life. Now I am making more of them, as many as I can.

Into The Weeds: Ep. 12 - Ryan Spearman/Beth Bombara (Saint Louis, Missouri)


Ben meets up with Ryan and Beth over at Ryan's new house and they talk about the idea of Americana

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Into the Weeds: Ep. 11 - Tommy Halloran/Cree Rider (Saint Louis, Missouri)


Ben sits down with Cree and Tommy in a park in South City. Tommy has been actively protesting. They talk about what protest music is in 2017.

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Into The Weeds: Ep. 10 - Jason Beers (Merriam, Kansas)


Ben and Brandon travel to Kansas City to meet the excellent and prolific Jason Beers. A reunion party interrupts the recording session.

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Into The Weeds: Ep. 9 - John Lowrance/David Luther (Jefferson City, Missouri)


Ben goes back to his hometown the day of the big solar ecplise and catches up with his highschool librarians who both also happen to be songwriters.

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